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Laminate Flooring in Northport, AL

Laminate Flooring in Northport, AL


Laminate flooring brings the coveted looks of tile and hardwood flooring without the price or maintenance. With the advancement of flooring technology, laminate flooring tis more durable and realistic than ever. With their benefits and affordability, laminate floors are a great addition to any home.


Wheat’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Northport, Alabama, is your local laminate flooring store with a great selection of budget-friendly, quality products.


What is Laminate Flooring?


Hardwood and tile flooring are some of the most popular and common flooring types on the market. However, it’s not always the most practical option for those seeking low-maintenance and budget-friendly flooring.

Laminate flooring offers the look of hardwood and tile using high-definition photos on the decorative layer. They are made of multiple layers of composite wood that are fused, including a core and base layer made of fiberboard and other materials offering more stability and protection from most moisture.

The finish layer of laminate flooring protects from scuffs and other everyday wear and tear better than a lot of hardwood brands. In turn, this flooring looks and feels like hardwood, while being moisture-resistant and more affordable.

Where Can Laminate Be Installed?


Laminate flooring can be installed anywhere hardwood flooring can be installed, and even in places where it cannot.

It does great in:

How is Laminate Flooring Installed?


One of the many pros of laminate flooring is its easy installation, which cuts down on cost and labor.

Most laminate flooring is installed using a click-lock method where the planks are placed together like a puzzle on top of the subfloor. This is known as a floating floor, which we don't recommend in rooms where cabinets will be placed on top, like kitchens. This is because floating floors need room to expand and contract naturally and can cause issues when needing to replace planks.

Our in-store experts will develop personalized recommendations based on your specific space.

Our Laminate Selection


We carry a great selection of laminate flooring at Wheat’s Carpet One Floor & Home. Come to our showroom to get started on finding the best flooring for you, or check out our laminate flooring inventory online.


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Laminate Maintenance


Proper care ensures your laminate flooring looks beautiful long after installation. It's easier than you think.