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How to Clean Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning doesn't have to be difficult as long as you know the process. There are two processes you can use to clean your carpet: wet and dry. Dry carpet cleaning should be performed at least every season to get rid of deep smells. Wet cleaning can be done once or twice a year. Here is a step-by-step guide to dry and wet carpet cleaning:


Dry Carpet Cleaning:


Select a powdered cleaner or use baking soda


Remove furniture from the room.


Sprinkle the powder over the entire carpet.


Let powder sit overnight.


Vacuum the powder and move your furniture back in place.


Wet Carpet Cleaning:


Use a carpet shampoo or rent a steam cleaner.


Move the furniture and apply the shampoo over the entire area.


Use a brush or broom to scour the carpet, getting deep in the fiber.


If you're using a steam cleaner, pull the cleaner slowly over the carpet, working from one side of the room to the other.


Allow the carpet to dry completely.


Vacuum and move furniture back.


Carpet Stain Removal Tips and Tricks

Stains don't come out easily from carpet. To keep your carpet looking great, you need to clean spills and remove stains immediately. Here are general carpet stain removal tips:

Dab stains from beverages (soda, wine, beer) with club soda.


For stubborn stains, mix one cup vinegar with one cup water. Soak the stain with the mixture and let sit for 20 minutes. Use a sponge to dab the area. Let area dry and repeat if stain is visible.


If your pet vomits or pees on the carpet, a little baking soda can do the trick. Wipe up as much of the vomit or urine as you can. Sprinkle baking soda over the area. Once the stain dries, vacuum up the baking soda.


Gum in the carpet? Place ice cubes in a bag and set on top of the gum. Let the gum harden and break it into pieces. Simply vacuum the pieces to remove the gum.


With the right knowledge and tricks, you can keep your carpet looking great for a long time.

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