Understanding The Value of Laminates

Laminate flooring is an excellent solution for the cost-conscious buyer. 

the value of laminates

Laminate flooring is an excellent solution for the cost-conscious buyer who wants an elegant look in their home without the associated price tag. There are several laminate benefits that might not be apparent at first, but once you work with it, and learn how to install laminate flooring, you will be glad you chose laminate over other types of flooring. These benefits include:

• Easy installation 

• Durability 

• Cleanliness

Laminate Installation 

Just about anybody with a little bit of DIY experience can install laminate flooring in their own home, cutting out the cost of labor in their home renovation budget. Laminate strips come pre-cut with grooves that fit into place with other pieces, eliminating the need for glue. Once the pieces have acclimated to the room (matching the room's humidity level so there is no swelling) it does not take long to lay the vast majority of the pieces. The only cuts that need to be made are your end pieces, which can be done fairly easily with a circular saw.


Because laminate is made out of compressed wood with a layer of plastic composite on top, it takes a lot to damage it, unlike real wood, carpet, or tile. Since the wood making up the pieces is compressed, it is much easier for it to spring itself back into its proper alignment and form when it sees a lot of foot traffic, or something heavy is dropped on it. The top layer is also resistant to scratches and chips, giving the floor a fresh look for years after it has been installed. 

Simple Cleanup

One of the biggest laminate benefits is the fact that cleaning up is relatively simple, since the composite acts as a barrier to prevent anything from soaking into the wood. Carpet and wood floors are notoriously easy to stain, causing you to have to go the extra mile to clean it. Laminate floors simply need to be mopped up with either a wet or dry mop, or you can use a broom for everyday dust and dander.