Soft Surface Flooring

Thinking about getting a new carpet or area rug? Find here all you need to know about this material. 

Our Soft Surface Products

Soft surface flooring is a classic flooring option many homeowners choose because of the great comfort they provide. Carpets are extremely versatile in terms of design, making it easy to find an option that works with your decor. They are available in many colors, patterns, and constructions from which to choose, so the design options are truly endless. And, if spills and stains are a concern, then you can certainly choose a durable carpet or rug that will handle anything life throws its way! We have great stain-resistant alternatives!

Here at Wheat's Carpet One we offer the most varied selection of soft surface options for your home. Take a look at the articles we prepared for you on this material. For more information, or to get a free estimate, contact us here today!


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