Rustic River

All Rustic River Hardwood products are covered under Carpet One’s Gold and Platinum hardwood warranties.

Rustic River Hardwood

The industrial revolution changed the world by allowing goods to be mass-produced by machines with no flaws caused by human error. This greatly reduced the time and skill required to create most common goods, including floors. This allowed hardwood floor boards to have a perfectly uniform, consistent, modern appearance as well as increased structural integrity. But back in the day lumber was harvested, milled, and manufactured into hardwood floors all by hand. This provided homes with unique character knowing that extreme care and craftsmanship was put into the creation of the floor. 

Rustic River Hardwood is Carpet One Floor & Home’s exclusive brand of high-character hardwood floors. These floors include long, wide boards with a hand-scraped appearance for a distinctive personality that contemporary floors can’t mimic. Available in a wide selection of finishes, textures, widths, and as either engineered or solid wood boards, Rustic River Hardwood can be applied in a world of design settings. Rustic River Hardwood floors are offered in a variety of price points with less expensive boards that are machine-shaped or more expensive hand-scraped boards. 

Every Rustic River Hardwood product uses a rating system that gauges the overall character of each board by measuring the scrape level and shade variation of each board. A higher scrape level will be characterized by a bolder, more prominent texture. A higher shade variation will indicate that each board’s color and tone are inconsistent with one another; if you are looking for a floor that has a uniform finish, then you want one with a low shade variation. The shade variation and scrape level are both factored into the floor’s total character rating on a scale of 1-10. 

All Rustic River Hardwood products are covered under Carpet One’s Gold and Platinum hardwood warranties, both of which include the Beautiful Guarantee, which will give you the peace of mind that you are purchasing a durable, long-lasting product and if you don’t like the way it looks, we’ll replace it for free!* Come down to Wheat's Carpet One and see our collection of Rustic River Hardwood!