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You may not realize that you spend a lot more time than you think in your kitchen and bathroom. You begin and usually end your day in the bathroom getting ready for the day or unwinding from work or activities. Your kitchen is more than just a place you cook and eat. It is where you gather with family and friends for a party, or do homework with the kids, or even pay bills. Your kitchen and bathroom should represent your personal style and personality. At Wheat's Carpet One, we have a professional staff who can help you make your dream kitchen or bathroom become a reality. Choose from our selection of floors, countertops, cabinets and more at our showroom.


Cabinets are a functional and stylish addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Not only do they just support your countertops, but they also offer storage solutions as well. We carry a full selection of stock cabinets that fit the needs of most projects and budgets. Stock Cabinets comes pre-assembled in various sizes for you to choose from, all you have to know is which color you like. We also offer custom cabinet solutions for those who truly want to make their dream kitchen or bathroom become real.

Keeping your countertops clear and freeing up everyday work areas, your cabinets play a vital role in the daily events of your kitchen or bathroom. But not all cabinets are created equal. Our cabinet inventory covers all the bases, from simple, entry-level cabinet options, to luxurious, high- end products that can be fully customized to your home. We offer up many of your best-loved cabinet brands here, including One Two One and Merrilat. 

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Custom Cabinets

Cabinet shopping can seem like a mundane task, but with customized storage solutions, it’s very easy to get creative and let your true colors shine through. Crafted to your own unique specifications and needs, customized cabinet solutions are the perfect way to organize your space in perfect symmetry. 

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Tile is a universal flooring favorite, but its appeal certainly doesn’t end under your feet. Since virtually any tile sold as flooring can also be incorporated into a tile backsplash, the sky is truly the limit.  Currently high atop the trends list, tile backsplashes are a wonderful way to instantly freshen your kitchen or bathroom, all while protecting your inner walls from everyday spills, splatters, and splashes. 

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Tile can truly go just about anywhere: indoors and outdoors, on walls or on floors, in residential spaces as well as commercial sites. Your customized tile looks can serve as a stunning focal point for your renovated kitchen or remodeled bathroom. Our designers can help you bring it all together according to your color scheme, signature style, and the shape of your intended space. 

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