Best Floors for Kitchens

These are some of the more popular kitchen flooring options available.  

best floors for kitchens

When it comes to kitchen flooring, many people opt for a traditional option that they have seen in the past or even had before in their kitchens. While there is nothing wrong with traditional flooring, there are many other options you may want to consider before you choose. These are some of the more popular kitchen flooring options today and why you should consider them. 

1. Ceramic or porcelain tileThis is a very popular look in today's homes. If you like the look of stone but do not want to incorporate stone into your kitchen, then you can opt for ceramic or porcelain. This is a low maintenance option and it is some of the toughest flooring available. It is also water resistant which makes it a great option in a kitchen. It can be a bit more expensive than other options, though. 

2. Hardwood floor: Hardwood flooring is a great option to any home but it is also great for use for flooring in kitchen spaces. It is very durable and will last many years, it is low-maintenance, and you can even choose a pre-finished wood for moisture resistance. Without this pretreatment, your hardwoods in a a kitchen could become warped. 

3. Cork flooring: This is an option that most people do not even consider. However, it is a great option because it can provide some warmth in cooler environments, provides a bit of a cushion, and is sustainable. If you think of the one main color of cork from a corkboard when you think of cork flooring, then you may not have realized that it is available in many different colors and patterns to fit your kitchen design. 

4. Bamboo: Bamboo looks a lot like hardwood which is why many people like it. It is a very strong material and it is durable. It already has resistance built in for water and insects which means it will last a long time. It is also renewable which makes it an environmentally friendly option.

Vinyl is still the traditional choice of flooring for kitchen and if you do not have the budget for any of the above options, you can now find a vinyl pattern to replicate your choice and not overthrow your budget.